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TABBY JAMES | Catnip Fine Cut
TABBY JAMES | Catnip Fine Cut


tabby james

TABBY JAMES | Catnip Fine Cut

A finer cut for a finer taste: TABBY JAMES Fine Cut Catnip is cut to smaller pieces to bring out the freshness for the most discerning tastes. The catnip is organic, fresh, and packed in perfect quantities so it won’t go stale and your cat can enjoy every last sprinkle.

Place some on new furniture to get your cat acquainted with it, on a scratching post, or on your cat’s favorite toy. With such a fine cut, anything can become a source of pleasure for your cat with none of the mess for you.

Still not sure which cut to get? Just ask your cat - it all depends on his or her preference.

This product is intended for external use.