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Lucite Crate-to-Gate (Made in the USA) (Direct-Ship)


Meet the revolutionary Lucite Pet Crate to Gate, a 3 in 1 clear acrylic pet crate that is also a modern Lucite side table and a clear acrylic, freestanding pet gate! 

This totally clear pet crate gives your pet a clear view without unfriendly metal or plastic bars and is calming for the pet, not to mention for you. Laser cut, smoothly polished, horizontal air openings on all 4 sides allow perfect air circulation. The 2 metal latches provide total security in style.

Modern, Lucite Side Table. Because our Lucite pet crate has a solid, clear Lucite top, you can use it as a side table, next to your couch, chair or bed. Hardware available in brass or chrome to match any decor. 

Freestanding Pet Gate. The removable, clear panel walls are made up of hinged wall panels. When removed, the walls can be used as a freestanding zig zag pet gate. Clip the hinged panels together and you have a 4 panel zig zag pet gate! 

Divider Panel. Choose the add-on removable divider panel, allowing you to section off the crate as your pup grows.

- How to Use. Place tray no 1 on the floor, stand the hinged clear walls in the tray slats and snap tray no 2 on top. Now you have a sturdy, clear pet crate. To use it as a freestanding pet gate, remove the top and bottom, take your 2 hinged walls and zig zag them across your doorway or opening. A clear clip holds the 2 zig zag walls together.

- Easy Storage. For easy transport or storage, disassemble the crate and place the wall panels inside your top and bottom trays.

Set includes: top tray, bottom tray, 2 hinged walls, slide on corner hinges and clips. Does not include the pet cushion.

Small :: Assembled Crate: 20"w x 26"d x 20"h

  • Crate disassembled: 20"w x 26"d x 2"h
  • Zig Zag Gate: 84"w x 26"h x .25"d
  • Recommended for small size dogs, up to 25 lbs

Medium :: Assembled Crate: 25"w x 38"d x 28"h

  • Crate disassembled: 25"w x 38"d x 4"h
  • (As a Zig Zag Gate: 126"w x 28"h x .25"d)
  • Recommended for medium to large size dogs up to 40 lbs.

Large :: Assembled Crate: 31"w x 40"d x 32"h

  • Crate disassembled: 31"w x 40"d x 4"h

Please note :: Delivery on these items takes 3-4 weeks, as they are built to-order in Florida.  This item is not available for return or exchange.