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Eco-Friendly Dinosaur Rope Dog Toy

Eco-Friendly Dinosaur Rope Dog Toy Play KNOTTY PAWS
Eco-Friendly Dinosaur Rope Dog Toy Play KNOTTY PAWS
Eco-Friendly Dinosaur Rope Dog Toy Play KNOTTY PAWS
Eco-Friendly Dinosaur Rope Dog Toy Play KNOTTY PAWS
Small but mighty!

These whimsical and eco-friendly creations are carefully handcrafted to infuse joy into your pet's playtime. Crafted from natural materials and designed with a focus on safety and satisfaction, these carrot rope toys are a delightful treat for your furry friend, encouraging hours of playful interaction and nibbling enjoyment. Embrace a playful and nutritious way to keep your pet entertained with this Strawberry Rope Toy!

- 100% recycled cotton rope.

- Eco-friendly: Made from biodegradable, chemical-free cotton rope

- Durable: Sturdy construction for long-lasting play.

Regular Inspection:
Periodically inspect the rope toy for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed or damaged sections. If you notice any damage, it's best to replace the toy to ensure your pet's safety.

Always supervise your pet while they're playing with the rope toy. This will help prevent them from ingesting loose fibers or small pieces that may come off during play.

Care Guide -Rope toys can get dirty with regular use. To clean them, soak the toy in warm, soapy water. Use a pet-safe detergent or a mild dish soap. After soaking, rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue. Allow it to air dry completely before giving it back to your pet.

10 inches long 3 inches wide.

Size Appropriate - Ensure that the rope toy is an appropriate size for your pet. If it's too small,they could swallow it, leading to potential choking hazards. If it's too large, they may have difficulty carrying it or playing with it comfortably.

Soak rope toy in water and freeze for long lasting rope toys and helps soothe gums

Rope toys can be helpful for teething puppies. However, monitor their use closely to make sure the puppy doesn't chew off and ingest any pieces of rope.

We want you to be happy with your purchase! Online (shipped) purchases of new, unused items can be returned for exchange or refund within 14 days of purchase.

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