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Along with a crew of human helpers, our store is also staffed by a pack of precious pups.

Depending on the day, a rotation of these hard-working hounds can be found working at our NYC shop - or behind the scenes!



Cheeky the Dog

"The Boss" | @cheeky_the_dog

As our Shop Manager & fearless leader, Cheeky is the coolest canine we know. The original inspiration behind Dog & Co., Cheeky was adopted at a year old, and has worked in fashion ever since. This confident canine isn't just bossy, she's the boss!


"King of Comfort"| @cooleycam

After putting in 3 years at our NYC store, our diligent Customer Service Manager Cooley now works remotely from Atlanta, Georgia, where he is enjoying his (early) semi-retirement. In addition to CSM, Cooley also heads up both naps and snacks..

Marmalady Jones

"Marmie Jane" | @marmalady_jones

After graduating from her position as Intern, Marmalady Jones is now part-time Sales Assistant, and full-time assistant to fur-sister Cheeky the Dog. As working in our shop still makes her a little nervous, Marmie is often found modeling behind the scenes.


No one loves love more than our sweet Stock Boy Bowie...he lives for snuggles! When he's not pawing for pets in the store (or modeling hats for our website), Bowie serves as a Therapy Dog at local hospitals. A truly good boy!


"The Pug with the Tongue" | @apugnamedmabel

Rainbows, love, and treats...that's all you need in Mabel's World! Our sweet natured Assistant Manager has a fan base of friends who stop in just to see when she's working. And we get it! No one is sweeter than Mabel (just ask her fur-sister Bea).


"Kitty Konsultant" | @watchingmarmalade

So, we might be called Dog & Co. - but we do love cats too! Head of Product Testing for our Cat & Co. division, Nina is our go-to expert on all things kitty related. Games, treats, collars - Nina knows it all (and, judges...because, after all, she is a cat).


"The LONGEST Haired Chihuahua" | @topo_chico

True to his breed, our Head of Security Topo makes sure that no delivery goes unnoticed! Topo can often be found greeting customers from one of the shop's sample beds, or hiding his sweet potatoes in a teepee.



"Cinni" | @paolaearscobar

A part-time Re"tail" Specialist and full-time tennis ball fanatic, our sweet friend Cinnamon is a Brooklyn girl who is bad to the bone! Long-time best friend of our Stock Boy Bowie, just don't ask her to put on a sweater (again!)...



"Baby Bea" | @babybeathepup

The newest member of our store pack, Baby Bea was quickly promoted to our official Store Greeter when we saw her natural talent for the position. No one jumps higher or kisses more than this tiny tornado & personal bodyguard to her sister Mabel.


"Kitty Konsultant" | @jroo2you

Another member of our (small but mightly!) cat pack, Tybalt is a Product Consultant for all things cat. Quick to let you know if he doesn't like something (adios, furry blanket!), Tybalt's not one to shy away from fashion (hola, bunny ears).

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