What's cuter than a dog in a Howloween sweater? An adoptable dog in a Howloween sweater, of course!

We visited our friends at Best Friends New York and asked them to show off their favorite Howloween looks.



One super silly senorita!

Breed : American Bulldog mix

Age : 8 years

Weight : 90 pounds of pure love

Wearing : Day of the Dead Sweater in XXL + Taxi Sweater in XXL




The sweestest pineapple you'll ever meet!

Breed : Mixed

Age : 6 years

Weight : A lady never tells!

Wearing : Pineapple Sweater in XXL




As amazing as a unicorn jumping over a rainbow!

Breed : Mixed

Age : 8 years

Weight : 76 pounds

Wearing : Magical Unicorn Sweater in XXL



You'd be lucky to pick this lil' pumpkin!

Breed : Mixed

Age : 3 years

Weight : 70 pounds

Wearing : Magical Unicorn Sweater in XXL