The Barking Bachelorette | Teddy


"The All-American Guy"



Hey, Teddy!  Teddy is one super easy-going dude, with all-American dog-next-door looks.  From his curly hair to his l-o-n-g legs, this supersize Teddy is one huggable bear.


contestant biography


Hometown ::  I was born in Maryland and raised in our nation's capital, Washington DC.  But now I call the Big Apple hom!


List three thing you can't live without ::  Naps, chin scratches, and friends.


What are three words to describe your personality ::  Such a goofball!


What are your favorite activities to do with your canine crew :: Being chased, wrestling, and rolling around in the grass are some of my favorite things to do at the dog park.  Play hard, nap hard!


Describe your idea of the ultimate date ::  My idea of the ultimate date would be an afternoon picnic in the park.  We'd roll around in the grass and take turns chasing each other.  Afterwards, we'd share our favorite treats and nap under the shade.