The Barking Bachelorette | Ron Pablo


"The Hipster"



Along with his older brother Hagrid, Ronald Pablo makes up one half of our competing brother contestants.  The younger, cool brother, hipster Ron is the new guy on the scene, who loves to drive his older brother crazy.  A prankster who loves to play, Ron is sure to bring both fashion and fun to any date.


contestant biography


Hometown ::  Brooklyn, NY.  Originally homeless on the Jersey Shore.


List three thing you can't live without ::  Breakfast, dinner and snacks.


What are three words to describe your personality ::  Happy, active, and hipster.


What's your best show stopping trick ::  Tricks are for kids.


Are you more of a follow the leader or leader of the crowd kind of guy ::  I do everything that my brother Hagrid does!


What are your favorite activities to do with your canine crew ::  Making a ruckus.


If you could be any fomous human, who would it be and why ::  Ron Perlman, because he looks like me.


Describe your idea of the ultimate date ::  Peter Luger's!


• • •

Follow along as Ron Pablo tries to avoid being taken down by the paw of his own brother -