The Barking Bachelorette | Milo


"The Party Animal"



Mr of the youngest of this season's contestants, Milo is a rambunctious - and maybe a bit clumsy - guy who loves to get the party started wherever he goes.


contestant biography


Hometown ::  Brooklyn, NY.


List three thing you can't live without ::  A TON of water, stuffed animals that I can shred apart, and my best friend Tatiana.


What are three words to describe your personality ::  Lovable, energetic, & silly.


What's your best show stopping trick ::  I can hop super high...and sometimes I even land on my feet.


Are you more of a follow the leader or leader of the crowd kind of guy ::  I really just like to do my own thing..


What are your favorite activities to do with your canine crew ::  I really love to run around Central Park.


If you could be any famous human, who would you be and why  ::  I'd say Joe Manganiello, since he's tall, hot and married to (the even hotter!) Sofia Vergara.


What traits do you look for in a lady pup :: She has to be pretty, and preferably shorter than me - but not too energetic!  Oh, and she has to be okay with drool...because I leave a trail everywhere I go.


Describe your idea of the ultimate date ::  We can spend the day at the Chelsea Piers dog park!  There are hills, small pools, and we can bark at all of the passing cars. 

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