The Barking Bachelorette | Marcelo


"The Ladies Man"



Mr. Marcelo is this season's ladies man.  With looks to kill and a tongue for days, this mini-man is hot to trot

and out to meet his perfect puppy playmate.  A rescue proving that you can take the stud out of the puppy mill, but you can't take

but you can't take the stud out of the Marcelo!


contestant biography


Hometown ::  NYC.


What's your best show stopping trick ::  I can stand on two feet!


Are you more of a follow the leader or leader of the crowd kind of guy ::  I'm a total leader, ladies.


What are your favorite activities to do with your canine crew :: Hang, howl & hump.


What traits do you look for in a lady pup :: A nice rump, because I love to hump!


If you could be any famous human, who would it be and why :: Ryan Gosling...hey girl, hey!


Describe your idea of the ultimate date ::  We go for some grub, I wipe the crumbs off your face with a tongue bath, and then we do the humpty dance.


• • •

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