The Barking Bachelorette | Hagrid


"The Grumpy Guy"



HAGRID!  The older half of our battling brother contestants, this funny fella is cute...but not so cuddly.  Adopted by his human family despite his initially aggressive ways, Hagrid had settled into a comfy routine of eat, sleep, repeat - until his new brother Ronald Pablo came along!  Now Hagrid is on a mission to rid the world of Ron.  The cute guy with a sarcastic side, Hagrid is one contestant to watch out for...


contestant biography


Hometown ::  Brooklyn, NY.


List three thing you can't live without ::  Taco Bell, water, and an iPhone.


What are three words to describe your personality ::  Lazy, hungry, and grumpy!


What's your best show stopping trick ::  Sit.


Are you more of a follow the leader or leader of the crowd kind of guy ::  Neither.  I like to sleep.


What are your favorite activities to do with your canine crew ::  NEGATIVE.  I have no crew.


If you could be any famous human, who would it be and why ::  Beyonce, cause I like her butt.


What traits do you look for in a lady pup ::  Lazy, sweatpants, with no makeup.


Describe your idea of the ultimate date ::  Couch Netflix nap beer.


• • •

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