FOUND MY ANIMAL | Adjustable Rescue Orange Rope Leash

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FOUND MY ANIMAL | Adjustable Rescue Orange Rope Leash

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The FOUND MY ANIMAL Rescue Orange Rope Leash is handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY to promote animal adoption.  Hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull, the ends of the ropes are then "whipped" (an old nautical finishing term) for additional durability.  

All FOUND MY ANIMAL marine-grade rope ages beautifully, softening naturally with wear. Hand-washable. The individually-numbered, hand-stamped tags on each FOUND leash remind us of the uniqueness of our pets and the importance of the adoption cause.  


The Adjustable Rope Leash in Natural is 7 feet in length, and can be worn as a standard leash, around the waist, as a cross-body or used as a tie-up.  


  • Hand washable
  • Made in Brooklyn, NY
  • Small :: 5–12lbs, 7 ft, 6 mm
  • Medium :: 12–50 lbs, 7 ft, 8 mm
  • Large :: 50–100+ lbs, 7 ft, 12 mm

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