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HARRY BARKER is an inspired, eco-friendly collection of dog products designed with style, quality, and durability in mind.

Ford model Carol Perkins founded HARRY BARKER in 1997 while recovering from Cushing’s Disease, a life threatening and rare brain tumor. Before her illness, Carol appeared in everything from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar, and made her debut on Broadway as a fire-eater.  Homebound during recovery, Carol turned to her love of dogs and textiles for therapy - and began creating dog beds, toys, and robes for her friends' pets.  Soon she was taking orders and hand-sewing each one with care - launching HARRY BARKER from a table in her New York City Loft.

On a recent visit to Charleston, we asked Carol and her beautiful Briard Mercy to show us their favorite spots in the city.  From gorgeous Theodora Park to the HARRY BARKER home office (aka, Cheeky the Dog's favorite place ever!), it's easy to see where this canine chic duo finds their inspiration.

A collaboration between the City of Charleston, Charleston Parks Conservancy, and private individuals, Theodora Park is a unique place of beauty and repose, honoring Theodora C. Rawle, the mother of Carol's husband David Rawle.  Featuring a prominent gate crafted by legendary blacksmith Philip Simmons and ceramic fountain tiles by artist Paul Heroux, this lovely pocket park welcomes four-legged friends (+ their humans!) to take a moment to reflect and relax.

"There are so many things I love about dogs. I love the funny noises they make, like they’re trying to talk to us.  I love the silly tricks they do – like Norman the Briard, who learned how to ride a bike - I’m still working on that one with my own Briard, Mercy."

"Seeing our dogs overjoyed – eyes bright, tails wagging – is invaluable. We can never get enough of that unconditional love. That’s what makes us dog people."

"At Harry Barker, we create beautiful, functional, ecofriendly dog products – not just because we love dogs so much, but because they love us."

"Our products are an expression of love between people and their pets. Whether it’s perked ears or wagging tails or whimpers of excitement or even bike riding, we hope they bring out the things you love most about your dog."