The Dog & Co. shop pack brings you the ultimate guide for houndworthy holiday hang-outs and paw-picked presents.


Assistant Manager

Our Assistant Manager Cooley is one chill dude!  Along with showing canine customers his favorite products (namely the LOVE THY BEAST Tote), this proper pug is in charge of inspecting toy inventory and taste-testing new treat flavors.  Can't find Cooley?  Just check inside the cabinets...the self-crowned "King of Comfort" has been known to nap inside our store fixtures.

"This is my third holiday season in NYC. We have a real tree in the apartment, but I still don't understand why I can't drink the water out of the stand..."

"I get super friendly at holiday gatherings...mainly to take advantage of all of the unattended food."

"My style is pretty casual, but I know to spruce it up for a trip to The Plaza. Afternoon tea is on my holiday bucket list this year, because no dapper dog's holiday season is complete without a trip to The Plaza."

"I'm a bow tie kind of guy."

"Perfect to cozy up on and read a book."

"The perfect gift for the whole pack!"

"I love a rope toy."


"Don't look, humans..."

"This is a convertible classic!"

"I was MADE to wear a tweed blazer."

"I live near Central Park and visit the ice skating rink to watch the skaters.  I've never actually been ice skating...but I love sledding down the hills in Central Park every winter!" 



Stock Boy

Our favorite little alien buddy Bowie has been a huge help to us at the store this holiday season.  Having just been adopted from our friends at Sugar Mutts Rescue earlier this year, this will be Mr B's first holiday season with his permanent pack - and he couldn't be more excited!

"The only gift that I need this season is extra snuggles...and maybe that TeePee that I've been eyeing at the store!"

"I love being surrounded by family and means more laps to cuddle in!"

"This holiday season, I'm happy to lend a paw with any crumbs or leftovers."

"Totally my vibe."

"I'm a cuddler, so this blanket is a must-have."

"I look amazing in a turtleneck."

"So canine chic."

"I celebrate ALL the holidays."

"BEYOND perfect for my human."

"My favorite EVER bag. SO comfy!"

"I don't usually love wearing clothes - but these fleeces are the best!"



Customer Service

Oh, Miss Mabel!  This petite pug - and bonafide fashion maven - is our top customer relations rep and can always be counted on to leave our shop floor perfectly clean after her shift (no crumb left behind!).

"I always keep it canine chic at the Holidays...cashmere and layers for me!"

"There's nothing that I love more than taking a stroll through the West Village to check out all of the holidaydecorations...well, okay...except being carried through the West Village checking out all of the decorations."

"Fun & fabulous, just like me."

"I'm MAD for plaid (and my dad loves me in it!)."

"I'm always cold, so a onesie is a must."

"Comfort on the go."

"My current FAV jacket!"

"I LOVE in these. And layer with everything!"

"A holiday piece to wear all season."

"A girl can never have too many toys."

"I'm very particular about finding the perfect tree. They have to pass the tongue test!"

"The Standard Plaza is the perfect place for pups to see and be seen!"



Store Manager

As shop manager of our NYC flagship store, Cheeky the Dog is the BOSS, and she likes to let everyone know!  Whether she's barking orders or sleeping on the job, Cheeky always takes her responsibilities very seriously and is never too busy for a customer cuddle.

"My favorite part of the holidays is opening presents.  I'm super patient until the humans say it's go time - then I let loose and pounce, ripping and tearing the paper until I've gotten my prize."

"I always stick with red + black for my holiday style.  You can't go wrong with the classics!"

"My favorite part of the holidays in NYC is checking out all of the window decorations.  I walk down Fifth Avenue making my list.  Get shopping, human!"

"My favorite ceramicist makes these just for us.  Hi Brooke!"

"I tried these on and never took them off."

"My first - and now signature - design. It looks good on literally everyone!"

"I get so excited when I hear the treats going in...I never get sick of my Odin."

"Red & white is always right."

"We work with a BK jewelry maker on these.  Each one is unique...just like us."

"Obsessed. With. This. Bag."

"Made in Montana, these toys are truly a taste of the West."