Leslie Mosier + Doug the Pug

Nashville, TN

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Former record label media director Leslie Mosier realized soon after she began posting photos of her four-legged friend Doug that he was taking over her Instagram account.  So she gave him one of his own...and with his smushy good looks & a penchant for wearing crazy costumes, @itsdougthepug was born.

Now counting over 1.5 million followers on social media, Doug's love of all things edible and Leslie's quick wit have turned this easygoing Pug into a pop culture sensation, with appearances on TIME, Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed, and Good Morning America, just to name a few.


On a recent visit to Nashville, we asked Leslie + Doug to give us a tour of their favorite hometown hangouts.  With Doug decked out in cool gear from Found My Animal, Rugged Wrist, Penn + Pooch, Ware of the Dog, Beast + Babe and more, this perky pug couldn't go unnoticed by his adoring fans!

From a stroll downtown to lunch at their favorite Mexican spot and a trip to the park, this dynamic duo doesn't disappoint.  (Thanks again for the tour, friends!)

WHO is the special pup in your life?

Doug the Pug!  He's a three year old pug (duh).


WHEN (and how) did you first meet Doug?

I got Doug from a breeder who delivered him to Nashville from Ohio for me. I didn't even pick him out, I believe he was the last one left! When I first met Doug he peed in the front seat of my car but was so cute that I didn't care one bit. He also sat in front of the TV and watched the Kardashians as soon as I brought him home...I knew he was 'special'.

"My favorite Doug memory has to be the time when I watched him walk down the red carpet with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. My jaw was to the floor."

WHAT is the best thing about Doug?

Doug is patient and well mannered, but most of all he's incredibly happy - so happy it's contagious. When strangers see him for the first time they smile no matter what kind of day they're having.

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"Doug the Pug was what I wanted to call my pug since I was a kid."

•  •  •

"Doug loves watching TV, he cries every time he meets a dog that won't love him back, and he struts his stuff when he's wearing a costume."

WHERE is your favorite place to go with Doug?

I love taking Doug to the beach! It only happens when I visit my parents in Virginia, but he goes crazy off the leash and is so happy to run in the sand.

WHY is Doug your best friend?

Doug is my partner in crime. We have a very special bond and a huge amount of love and trust for each other. If I'm not with him, I'm wishing I was!

•  •  •

"Everyone knows that pugs love to eat, and Doug fits that mold perfectly. One time my roommate came home from a long day of work and picked up BBQ to go on his way home and was so excited to eat it. He put his plate on the dining room table and went to the bathroom before starting it..when he got back in maybe 30-40 seconds, the food was all gone and Doug was standing on the table! I was mortified."

•  •  •

"I never expected the Internet fame. I began posting photos of Doug on my personal Instagram account and once that started getting traction from Doug's photos I realized that it would be a good idea to just go ahead and switch it all over. Just a few days ago we were on the TODAY show in Australia! Life is crazy."

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