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Hadley + Buddy

As 2.5 (soon to be 3!) of the 204 residents of teeny tiny Tomales, California, David + Hadley Kreitz have made their home in a dreamy little vertical cabin perched on a hill overlooking the gorgeous Tomales Bay.  With her faithful friend Buddy at her side, Hadley is one of two cheese makers at the local Tomales Farmstead Creamery, spending her days milking goats and making five different times of cheese.  Decked out in his favorite gear from Beast + Babe, Found My Animal, Billy Wolf and more, Buddy shows us what a day looks like for this cool California couple.

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photos :: Thayer Gowdy

DOG & CO. | Human + Hound - Hadley + Buddy
BEAST + BABE | Rainbow Ryder Leash

BEAST + BABE | Rainbow Ryder Leash


Buddy Lee Kreitz (only called that when he's bad!), also known as Bud, Bubba, Budros, and Fluff-Nuts. 

WHEN (and HOW) did you first meet BUDDY?

We heard about an "old grizzly" cattle rancher whose Border Collie had taken a  liking to the blue merle Aussie at a neighboring ranch.  He was giving puppies away and we connected with him instantly.

"Our house is a small three story tower with a cabin extension on the first story.  It was built as a functioning spring-fed water tower for a now extinct farm back in 1910."


Buddy Lee is an exceptional eye communicator and a fast learner, which makes everyday navigation with his partners seamless and much more interesting.  He also loves to cuddle, which is ideal for pregnant mama!

"When we first got Buddy, David and I were living in an Airstream trailer on the farm where I was working - tight quarters for two people and a puppy!), and Buddy came to work with me often.  He quickly became friends with a little two month old goat named Baby.  They took turns chasing each other around the barn and would snuggle up together in the hay.  It was pretty much the sweetest thing we had ever seen.  Unfortunately, his affinity for goats took a turn when Baby's mom thought Buddy was being a bit too playful one day...she gave him a swift head butt to the ribs and that was pretty much the end of Buddy and Baby!  Now Buddy definitely thinks twice about going into the goat barn these days."


Buddy answers all of our questions without words.  He is a keen problem solver.

DOG & CO. | Human + Hound - Hadley + Buddy

WHERE is your FAVORITE PLACE to go with BUDDY?

My We live just a couple of minutes from Dillon Beach, which is one of the only off-leash beaches in the North Bay area.  Budyy loves chasing the birds and jumping in the waves.  It's kind of doggy heaven.

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DOG & CO. | Human + Hound - Hadley + Buddy

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