OBVIOUSLY you deserve a little something for being the best fur-mama out there!

But even the best pup parents sometimes need a hint as to what you want, so we've made it easy to send your canine co-parent (or other selected gifter) a list of your top wish list items.

Just fill in the links of your top 3-4 DOG & CO. picks, and we'll send along a gentle nose poke to your requested gifter.

They'll receive a sweet email with photos and links to your wish list items (and a photo your pup's ridiculously cute face...who could resist that?!), along with a 20% off discount code for all of the items that you have selected.

The offer is good in store too - so get to to it, Dog Mama!

Dog Mama's Name *
Dog Mama's Name
We'd love to include a photo of your precious pooch along with your wish list when we send it to your gifter. Bonus points if it's a photo of mama + pup together...who could resist those faces?!?
Gifter *
You can give them the old hint, hint if you'd like..
The one that you really, really, really want! ((copy + paste the web link here))
Another one at the top of your list. ((copy + paste the web link here))
And while we're at it, you've had your eye on this one for a while... ((copy + paste the web link here))
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