Since 2003, FuzzYard has been pushing, poppin' & droppin' the most incredible products for our 4 (sometimes 3.... and occasionally 2) legged friends.
When they started in 2003, the world was screaming, barking and howling for pet products that just popped... enough of your boring and bland browns and pinks, the world needed vibrant colors, better quality materials and something more than just a bone or paw print....yawn... and then BAM, FuzzYard entered the market. 
From the get go, FuzzYard's ethos and vision has been simple : to create premium pet products with the highest aesthetic appeal whilst maintaining the highest of human standards.
Their main headquarters is based in Melbourne, Australia and they proudly call FuzzYard an Australian company despite our rapid growth internationally. For us FuzzYard isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle.