PURE + GOOD | Grooming Wipes (Calming)

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PURE + GOOD | Grooming Wipes (Calming)


PURE + GOOD grooming wipe formulas are PH balanced just for animals. Completely pure and free of chemicals, detergents sulfates, phthalates and parabens. They are expertly blended and properly diluted for safe and effective use on all animals.

  • 50 Count
  • CALMING (Sweet Marjoram, Blue Cypress + Neroli)

  • Sweet Marjoram:

    + Has a pleasing , smooth herbal fragrance

    + Has a profound calming, spasmolytic effect

    + Excellent as a strong antibacterial for skin infections, wound care and insect repelling

    lue Cypress:

    + Increases circulation

    + Cooling and calming

    + Controls spasms and relieves pain

    + Effective odor control


    + Excellent for calming, stress reduction & anxiety

    + Helps to relieve pain

    + Is non-toxic and non irritating

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