BONES SOCIETY world revolves around pets and the belief that a house is not a home without a furry sidekick.

BONES SOCIETY was created by two like minded Australian designers who are absolutely obsessed with their furry sidekicks Rocky & Zoey.  Brainstorming on how they could help support their favorite charity - the Australian Animal Welfare League - Renae & Kylie decided to create a society that is not only a brand, but a lifestyle.

Both having coming from backgrounds in the (human) fashion industry, BONES SOCIETY for innovation, quality, style and design that you can be proud to own.  Renae has worked for more than 10 years designing garments, accessories and her own jewellery line. Kylie's background is Industrial Design and Footwear Design and has been working for over 8 years as an Accessories & Footwear Designer.  They met working at the same accessory company 5 years ago, and bonded over a love of animals, fashion, and a good glass of wine.

BONES SOCIETY believes that every dog is equal, and is dedicated to giving back 10% of every purchase from to less fortunate animals at the Australian Animal Welfare League, with a goal to make a difference and increase awareness of this great charity.  Life is sweeter when your best mate is a dog!