BEST Friends

Sarah (Stylist) + Penny (Yorkie Mix)

Sarah is a NYC-based stylist with a penchant for taking in needy foster dags.  She found her match in Penny, a sweet rescue who won her heart.

Brooklyn, NY


Q.  WHO is the special pup in your life?

     A.  My girl is Penny!!!  She is a Yorkie mix (I think with Maltese, a Morkie).  I got her four years ago when she was 6-ish.            


Q.  WHEN (and how) did you first meet Penny?

     A.  I adopted Penny from Posh Pets Rescue in NYC.  I'll never forget watching her walk into the lobby of the building where her foster mom lived, she had her head held high and her tail up - I knew right away she was my dog.

Q.  WHAT is the best thing about Penny?

     A.  Penny has a party trick...she pees with both legs in the air like she is doing crow pose.


Q.  WHERE is your favorite place to go with Penny?

     A.  In the summer when it's hot, I take Penny to the ice cream shop around the corner - I get a cone and she gets a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.  We love our ice cream dates!

Q.  WHY is Penny the perfect dog for you?

     A.  Penny is sweet, loyal, and sensitive.  She takes excellent care of me and those around her!