B E S T Friends

Tiziana (Designer, Love Thy Beast) + Orzo (Super Pug)

 New York, NY


As the Founder & Designer of pet accessory line LOVE THY BEAST, it's only fitting that Tiziana Agnello has a funny four-legged VP to approve all doggy decisions - and Orzo the rescue Pug is happy to assist!  Spend a day with this creative couple as they head to a day of work (and play!) at the LOVE THY BEAST shop in Noho, NYC.

• • •

"Orzo loves to come into the store, because it's like his own personal treat shop - and he shoplifts ALL the time. One time when we were closing up shop, Orzo came out of nowhere with a 12 inch bully stick in his mouth!"


Q :  WHO is your B E S T Friend?

A :  Orzo the bozo!  Orzo is a rescue pug who just had his third birthday, he's a leap year baby.

Q :  WHEN (and how) did you meet Orzo?

A :  I first found Orzo online - a year and half ago - through the See Spot Rescue Group. I looked into his eyes and it was like I knew him, no lie.

Q :  WHERE is your favorite place to go with Orzo?

A :  Besides work? I have to say, going home after a long day - he gets so excited!

Q :  WHAT is the best thing about Orzo?

A :  He's the smartest pug I've ever met - sometimes that gets him into trouble. Every morning I fall in love with him again because he squirms around on his back like a floppy fish!


Q :  WHY is Orzo your B E S T Friend?

A :  We both love Adventure!


Q :  WHY did you decide to open a LOVE THY BEAST storefront location?

A :  We chose a shop at this location because the business was poppin', we love the neighbors and we want to cultivate our community of pet lovers in the neighborhood. Really strut our stuff!


Q :  WHEN did you open your shop?

A :  We opened in December of 2014, it started as a pop-up that blew up!


Q :  WHO are your typical customers?

A :  We have a mix of tourists, but our NoHo and Nolita locals are usually creatives and theater people. There are so many pet lovers in the area! We're still waiting to accommodate David Bowie and his pooch!



When in NYC, make sure to check out the LOVE THY BEAST shop :

341 Lafayette Street (at Bleecker)   NYC, NY  10012

Tuesday - Saturday | 11am - 7pm, Sunday | 11am - 6pm