B E S T Friends

Thayer (Director / Photographer) + Scout (Terrier Mix)

Brooklyn, NY


 Scruffy-faced rescue dog Scout first caught the eye of photographer Thayer Gowdy on a sidewalk in San Francisco, and it’s been true love ever since. 

Now this dynamic duo splits their time between California and New York, creating beautiful images together from coast to coast.

Spend a day with Thayer + Scout below as they shoot our HOME Sweet HOME lookbook. and take a stroll through their Williamsburg neighborhood.


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MAX-BONE | William Bow Tie Collar

MAX-BONE | William Bow Tie Collar

Q.  WHO is the special pup in your life?

      A.  Scout is my pup!  He just turned 2, he's a rescue so I don't know his exact breed...but he is definitely a terrier mix.


Q.  WHEN (and how) did you first meet Scout?

      A.  My friend Scott and I stopped by our local pet store (Bernal Beast) in San Francisco, and there was an adoption pop-up set up by Wonder Dog Rescue that day.  I was browsing all of the cuteness when I looked back and Scott was holding an adorable, scruffy 4-month old pup.  I knew right then - we took him home just like that.


Q.  WHERE is your favorite place to go with Scout?

      A.  My favorite place to go with Scout is Bolinas, California.  He loves the beach and at low tide is obsessed with tide pools.  I wander and collect driftwood while he explores with total abandon.

• • • • •

"I split my time between NYC and SF, so traveling with Scout is important to me.  Luckily he loves anything that moves (besides skateboards!), so he passes out as soon as things start to roll - and sleeps like me on Sunday mornings through the whole flight."





Q.  WHAT is the best thing about Scout?

      A.  The best thing about Scout is that he is a snuggler!  He is my first dog, I always had cats and was worried that I would miss the way they cuddle.  But lo and behold - Scout LOVES to snuggle!  He's like my perfect cat-dog. 


 "The first time that Scout played in the snow was in Brooklyn.  He dove in head first and ran in circles, slipping and sliding...I could not stop smiling.  My face hurt from happiness!  Scout was over the top happy - until his little grey beard froze. He stood stock still and looked at me with an expression of, "huh???”  I scooped him up and wrapped my scarf around his little beard to melt it.  I carried him home in the freezing cold, snuggled in my wool coat, and we kept each other warm. My smile was literally frozen on my face."


Q.  WHY is Scout your B E S T Friend?

      A.  Scout is my best friend because he love me endlessly, and I him.  I never feel alone, sad or serious when he's by my side.  He makes me feel like every day is the best day ever, and today is always perfect.  Thank you Scout for being the best friend a girl could have!

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