B E S T Friends

Tess + Christy (designers, Hound & Tail) + Joey (Poodle)

New York, NY

Faced with another harsh NYC winter, cousins Tess + Christy just couldn't find a good boot option for snowy, salty walks with Tess's pup Joey - so they designed one.

Spend an afternoon out with this terrific trio as they brave the snowy city streets and take on the NYC salt reserve.


 "Joey is the perfect CEO for Hound & Tail, his fashion sense is impeccable!"

Q :  WHO is the special pup in your lives?

A (Tess) :  Joey Soltau!  He is a 2 year old Poodle, although he likes to think that he is a proper English gentleman.

A (Christy) :  Joey is technically is my nephew pup. Since Tess and I live in the same building, I would say we share equal custody.  He is two years young and 100% poodle. I honestly think he would be shocked to find out that he is not a human.


Q :  WHEN did you first meet Joey? 

A (Christy) :  Joey arrived on Thanksgiving as a tiny pup at our South Florida family picnic. Holding him then, I had no idea what was to come! Living in NYC designing paw-wear for none other than Joey himself. I would never have dreamed that Joe would be our mascot one day, ah who am I kidding, our CEO. 


Q :  WHERE is your favorite place to go with Joey?

A (Tess) :  My favorite place to go with Joey is the beach or any kind or body of water. He loves to go in the water, even though he’s not the best swimmer. But I would never tell him that.

A (Christy) :  I love taking him down to my apartment while I am working. He sits right on my lap while I work at my desk and occasionally lifts his head up to see what I am working on- then he falls back a sleep.  He loves it!



What SALT?

Even the NYC salt reserve piles can't slow Joey down in his HOUND & TAIL Boots!

These fleece-lined boots protect your pup’s paws from the ice, snow, salt, and other cold weather conditions. The fleece lining keeps their paws and legs nice and toasty throughout the winter. The non-skid, water-resistant bottom keeps water out while the attached leggings keep your pup warm, comfortable, and fashion forward.


Q.  WHAT is the best thing about Joey?

A (Tess) :  There are so many amazing things about Joey, but my favorite has to be that he is a professional snuggler!

A (Christy) :  His heart. He really is such an example of what kindness is.


Q :  WHY is Joey your B E S T Friend?

A (Christy) : Joey is the most loving creature. He loves nothing more than your company. His favorite thing to do is snuggle. Joey is the most loyal friend a person could have!

A (Tess) : Joey is my best friend because he loves unconditionally. I learn something new from this little guy every day.