B E S T Friends

Laura (Fashion Production) + Greta (Standard Poodle)

Rescued by Laura after beginning life as a breeding dog, Greta is now living large in Brooklyn with her best friend.

Brooklyn, NY



 "Greta is very smart, and because of it, sometimes she gets into trouble.  One day while I was at work, she broke into the refrigerator, ate everything she could, and hid the rest around the house.  I found food in my shoes, behind the couch cushions, and even in my bed.  It wasn't until the next day that I realized I had slept with a block of cheese under my pillow!"



Q :  WHO is the special pup in your life?

        A.  Greta!  She's a seven-year-old standard poodle. I have had her for five (wonderful!) years.


Q :  WHEN (and how) did you first meet Greta?

       A.  After searching for a dog for a few months, I found Greta through a listing on the internet.  Greta had been a breeding dog, and after a few litters, the breeder no longer wanted her.  She was living on a farm in Virginia at an outdoor breeding compound with about 20 other dogs.  When I came to meet her, she had just been let out of the pen and was running so fast...she was so happy and free, I loved her personality instantly.  The moment I met her, I knew that she was the one!


Q.  WHAT is the best thing about Greta?

      A.  Greta is ALWAYS happy to see me, and she dances when it's time to eat.

 TANNER GOODS | Canine Lead in Natural with Silver

 TANNER GOODS | Canine Lead in Natural with Silver


Q.  WHERE is your favorite place to go with Greta?

      A.  Greta loves to go to my grandma's house on the Jersey Shore to claim her grassy throne (the lawn). Her house is right on the boardwalk, so Greta gets to see all of the action, watch people stroll along the boardwalk, and bark at bikes.

FOUND MY ANIMAL | Navy Rope Collar + LOVE THY BEAST | Waxed Cotton Cape

FOUND MY ANIMAL | Navy Rope Collar + LOVE THY BEAST | Waxed Cotton Cape

CROPSCOTCH | Heart Mom Tag

CROPSCOTCH | Heart Mom Tag


Q.  WHY is Greta your B E S T Friend?

      A.  Greta is smart, loyal, loving - and so much more!  While I cannot understand how someone didn't want her, I also want to thank them, because I found the most amazing dog that I could ever ask for.