B E S T Friends

Keegan (2 years old) + Belle (Black Lab)

Keegan + Belle are a perfect pair who love to play and explore the world - and the farm - together.

Hillsboro, Illinois

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"One of Keegan's very first phrases came out of his mouth when he was on a walk with Belle - "hip Belle, hip!"  He was so proud and excited to be able to call his dog just like all the adults around him - even if she was a little dubious of his authority."



Q.  WHO is the special pup in your life?

A.  Belle is my doggy!  She is an 8 year old Black Lab.

"Belle is a semi-professional, but not-so-prolific, squirrel chaser. First thing in the morning and throughout the day, Belle has her eye on the prize - and never stops trying to catch one. She's about 0 for 10,000...but it could happen any day now!"

Q.  WHEN (and how) did you first meet Belle?

A.  I met Belle when I was a baby, as soon as I came home from the hospital!  She wasn't sure if she liked me at first - but now we are best friends.


Q :  WHAT is the best thing about Belle?

A :   Belle is always there to play with me, read books with me, and to eat all of the food that I "accidentally" drop on the floor.  I love to take care of Belle and give her food and water.


Q.  WHERE is your favorite place to go with Belle?

A.  I like to go everywhere I can with Belle!  We love to go to my Nanna and Bop's farm, where we take walks, play with sticks, and swing on the swing set.  We also like to help Bop in his garden - I help pick the veggies and Belle stays right with me (and eats the leftovers!). 


Q.  WHY is Belle your best friend?

A.  Belle is my best friend because she always shows me love, and plays with me whenever I want...and most of the time she does not get mad at me!  I love my buddy Belle!